All our bamboos varieties are non-invasive/clumping.



A truly elegant and vertical plant to around 30-40 feet tall. Graceful with lush foliage.

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Guadua angustofolia


This is the bamboo that fueled the bamboo construction renaissance of the past few decades, and is well represented in the work of several architects from Colombia.

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Himalayan Blue Bamboo

Himalayacalamus hookerianus  Blue Bamboo

This bamboo has beautiful, slender blue canes with reddish highlights. Its relatively upright habit makes this a great choice for small gardens

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Striated Buddha Belly Bamboo. A lovely plant that we grow specifically for use in containers.

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Vertical to around 30 feet with a very compact footprint, this bamboo is beautiful. New canes have blue-ish powder combined with copper colored sheaths.

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a strong ability to withstand heavy winds and an attractive growth habit combine to make this bamboo from China the akamai choice for a great many situations.

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Tibetan Princess

Himalayacalamus asper   Tibetan Princess

A lovely garden bamboo with slender canes and masses of delicate leaves.

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Dendrocalamus membranaceous background/Chusquea coronalis foreground

Graceful and sturdy, with a large arching canopy, this makes a great statement in the landscape and provides terrific shade. To about 60 feet tall…

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Himalayan Chocolate


To about 18 feet tall, with longish leaves and slender canes, this plant is lovely in containers and in the landscape…

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A good choice for ‘neighbor abatement’ issues. Compact and dense to around 30 feet tall.

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