We ship to all islands in Hawaii via Young Bros.

Young Bros. shipping charges change with fuel surcharges, etc. we will give an exact quote for shipping when an order is placed.

To Oahu (outer islands slightly higher), as of now (late 2013):
$120-$150 per pallet not including cost of plants and tax
up to 12 x 4 gallon size
up to 9 x 7 gallon size
up to 6 x 10 gallon size
~ you can also mix and match sizes.

***the limitation for pallet shipping is that the total height of the plants from the ground is no more than 7 feet.  The bamboos can be trimmed to meet this height requirement.

20 foot platforms approximately $350 – $450 each not including cost of plants and tax

Plants travel lying down, well secured to the platform and covered with shade cloth.
We can get a lot of plants of varying sizes on a 20 foot platform.

40 foot platforms are also available: call for pricing.

We do not ship to the mainland US or internationally.