Dendrocalamus peculiaris

It is a relatively new introduction from China where there are many beautiful bamboos to chose from; this one is primarily planted as an ornamental. The timber is used for construction.

Ghost Bamboo

This one is stunning and has become one of our favorite plants. It’s gorgeous, is fabulously elegant and shows nice blue-ish color on the new shoots.


Striated Buddha Belly Bamboo. A lovely plant that we grow specifically for use in containers.

Hitam Hijau

To about 20 feet tall, this lovely bamboo has vibrant green leaves and vertical canes…

New Guinea Sweet Shoot

A stunning bamboo with delicately arching foliage. The new canes (40+ feet tall) are gorgeous…

Monastery Bamboo

This is a bamboo that does it all. Highly esteemed for its grace and beauty and it’s construction grade canes.

Philippine Sweet Shoot

Gorgeous, large plant. The polished canes have beautifully, clearly defined segments and will go burnt orange in the sun.

Malay Dwarf

Happy in wind and sun, this plant is a good choice if you need a dense shortish privacy screen or…

Chinese hedge

A classic choice for the garden hedge. There are at least 8 cultivars of this species and we do our two favorites…

Barbie/Tropical blue hedge

One of our favorite plants – classic, elegant, fast; a fabulous privacy screen, windbreak, or stand alone landscape specimen…