All our bamboos varieties are non-invasive/clumping.

Sacred Bali

Erect canary yellow canes with intermittent green stripes and large, languid dark green leaves (some pinstriped).

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Mexican Weeping

Mexican Weeping bamboo.

A fabulous and unique looking plant that thrives in the sun. Tolerates both sea spray and periods of dryness.

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Chinese hedge

chinese hedge bamboo.

A classic choice for the garden hedge. There are at least 8 cultivars of this species and we do our two favorites…

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Black asper

This is it……the legendary giant black bamboo. The shoots are of very good quality, and lumber is amongst the best that bamboos have to offer.

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Timor Black

Bambusa lako bamboo.

One of the most outstanding ornamental species for the landscape. A great screen and a good edible shoot. The lumber is good enough for many uses…

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Java Black

Java black bamboo.

Absolutely gorgeous as well as being multi-use. The shoots are edible but are more likely to be used for musical instruments or construction as they are excellent quality lumber.

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This is the big one – to about 100 feet with 12 inch diameter canes. Jaw dropping.

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Barbie/Tropical blue hedge

barbie bamboo.

One of our favorite plants – classic, elegant, fast; a fabulous privacy screen, windbreak, or stand alone landscape specimen…

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Mayan Silver

Mayan Silver bamboo.

Our most drought tolerant plant. To around 20′ tall, this plant can be left dense to resemble a more upright and stiffer version of Mexican Weeping Bamboo

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Angel Mist

Angel mist bamboo.

A gorgeous & elegant ornamental specimen, generally to around 30- 35 feet tall. Canes emerge shimmery-iridescent-silvery green. Leaves are medium size and stand up well to the wind.

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Ghost Bamboo

This one is stunning and has become one of our favorite plants. It’s gorgeous, is fabulously elegant and shows nice blue-ish color on the new shoots.

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Rachel Carson

Graceful and gorgeous, this lovely bamboo has large, dark green leaves and pink and white striated, very straight and vertical canes.

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Murray Island Bamboo

These bamboos have a broad and lush tropical leaf mass with visible canes lower down. A great smaller hedging bamboo.

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Hitam Hijau

To about 20 feet tall, this lovely bamboo has vibrant green leaves and vertical canes…

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This very vertical bamboo (usually around 20 – 25 feet tall) has foliage pretty much all the way to the ground. With its tight footprint, Wrayii makes a great privacy screen or living fence.

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Weaver’s Bamboo

Always perfect. No matter how many new and exotic plants we get, Textilis always remains one of our favorites. Elegant, with a classic form.

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Vertical and compact, this bamboo will tolerate any conditions in Hawaii and we think it will max out at about 25 feet tall. A very lovely single specimen or hedge plant.

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Slender weaver’s / Gracilis

Excellent choice anywhere in Hawaii, this bamboo will grow to about 25-30 feet tall. Good in many of the environments here in Hawaii, it remains a popular choice.

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Tropical Blue Bamboo

A stunning, dense privacy hedge or gorgeous single specimen. Tolerates wind, rain, dry (with irrigation) and remains beautiful.

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New Guinea Sweet Shoot

A stunning bamboo with delicately arching foliage. The new canes (40+ feet tall) are gorgeous…

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Majestic and statuesque, it is a very dramatic specimen in the landscape, with beautiful silvery canes and dark green foliage.

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