Chusquea-coronaliscoronalisChusquea coronalis

For many bamboo lovers this is considered the most beautiful bamboo in cultivation.  It is small-statured (12-20 feet in height).

With its masses of graceful, feathery leaves is often referred to as the tropical version of a Japanese Maple. Like the Japanese Maple, this plant is semi-deciduous; for about 2 months out of the year (often in late winter or early spring) the foliage will turn “autumn” colors; the much of the old leaf will fall off, and sometimes a few canes might die back. And then it flushes out again with vibrant & glorious foliage.

Excellent in containers. Prefers filtered light (though it can be OK in full sun where it is not dry and windy). Does better in well-drained soils and cool temperatures.