Dendrocalamus peculiaris

It is a relatively new introduction from China where there are many beautiful bamboos to chose from; this one is primarily planted as an ornamental. The timber is used for construction.

Philippine Sweet Shoot

Gorgeous, large plant. The polished canes have beautifully, clearly defined segments and will go burnt orange in the sun.

Mexican Weeping

A fabulous and unique looking plant that thrives in the sun. Tolerates both sea spray and periods of dryness.


Majestic and statuesque, it is a very dramatic specimen in the landscape, with beautiful silvery canes and dark green foliage.

Guadua angustofolia

This is the bamboo that fueled the bamboo construction renaissance of the past few decades, and is well represented in the work of several architects from Colombia.


Sometimes called ‘Silk Bamboo’ in Thailand where it is often used as an ornamental. About 30 feet tall with 2+ inch diameter canes that are dense, almost solid and seem to be very strong.


Strong, durable and straight canes are construction grade. Overall, one of our favorite plants. Can grow well in dry & windy locations with good irrigation.


A large, striated, beautiful and strong species is a great plant. Construction grade canes – edible shoots. Beautiful arching growth habit.


Maxima is a bold and beautiful statetment in the landscape and generally attains a height around 50 feet with 4-5 inch diameter canes.

Java Black

Absolutely gorgeous as well as being multi-use. The shoots are edible but are more likely to be used for musical instruments or construction as they are excellent quality lumber.