Hitam Hijau

To about 20 feet tall, this lovely bamboo has vibrant green leaves and vertical canes…

Malay Dwarf

Happy in wind and sun, this plant is a good choice if you need a dense shortish privacy screen or…

Chinese hedge

A classic choice for the garden hedge. There are at least 8 cultivars of this species and we do our two favorites…

Barbie/Tropical blue hedge

One of our favorite plants – classic, elegant, fast; a fabulous privacy screen, windbreak, or stand alone landscape specimen…

Tropical Blue Bamboo

A stunning, dense privacy hedge or gorgeous single specimen. Tolerates wind, rain, dry (with irrigation) and remains beautiful.

Sacred Bali

Erect canary yellow canes with intermittent green stripes and large, languid dark green leaves (some pinstriped).

Himalayan Chocolate

To about 18 feet tall, with longish leaves and slender canes, this plant is lovely in containers and in the landscape…

Mexican Weeping

A fabulous and unique looking plant that thrives in the sun. Tolerates both sea spray and periods of dryness.

Mayan Silver

Our most drought tolerant plant. To around 20′ tall, this plant can be left dense to resemble a more upright and stiffer version of Mexican Weeping Bamboo

Lumpy Noodle

A short, and highly entertaining bamboo with its dramatically swollen internodes. “Lumps” better closer to the ocean; mostly recommended below 500 ft elevation.