New Guinea Sweet Shoot

A stunning bamboo with delicately arching foliage. The new canes (40+ feet tall) are gorgeous…

Barbie/Tropical blue hedge

One of our favorite plants – classic, elegant, fast; a fabulous privacy screen, windbreak, or stand alone landscape specimen…

Tropical Blue Bamboo

A stunning, dense privacy hedge or gorgeous single specimen. Tolerates wind, rain, dry (with irrigation) and remains beautiful.

Sacred Bali

Erect canary yellow canes with intermittent green stripes and large, languid dark green leaves (some pinstriped).

Himalayan Chocolate

To about 18 feet tall, with longish leaves and slender canes, this plant is lovely in containers and in the landscape…

Mayan Silver

Our most drought tolerant plant. To around 20′ tall, this plant can be left dense to resemble a more upright and stiffer version of Mexican Weeping Bamboo

Lumpy Noodle

A short, and highly entertaining bamboo with its dramatically swollen internodes. “Lumps” better closer to the ocean; mostly recommended below 500 ft elevation.


We do two cultivars of this species (Greenstripe & Silverstripe). Both of them create fabulous hedges and privacy screens.


Vertical to around 30 feet with a very compact footprint, this bamboo is beautiful. New canes have blue-ish powder combined with copper colored sheaths.


Vertical and compact, this bamboo will tolerate any conditions in Hawaii and we think it will max out at about 25 feet tall. A very lovely single specimen or hedge plant.