Monastery Bamboo

This is a bamboo that does it all. Highly esteemed for its grace and beauty and it’s construction grade canes.

Sacred Bali

Erect canary yellow canes with intermittent green stripes and large, languid dark green leaves (some pinstriped).


We do two cultivars of this species (Greenstripe & Silverstripe). Both of them create fabulous hedges and privacy screens.

Rachel Carson

Graceful and gorgeous, this lovely bamboo has large, dark green leaves and pink and white striated, very straight and vertical canes.


Vertical to around 30 feet with a very compact footprint, this bamboo is beautiful. New canes have blue-ish powder combined with copper colored sheaths.


Vertical and compact, this bamboo will tolerate any conditions in Hawaii and we think it will max out at about 25 feet tall. A very lovely single specimen or hedge plant.

Emerald Bamboo

Clean, vertical and gorgeous. Good anywhere in Hawaii. Supposed to be a bit shorter than the regular textilis but we think that has more to do with environment than species.

Weaver’s Bamboo

Always perfect. No matter how many new and exotic plants we get, Textilis always remains one of our favorites. Elegant, with a classic form.


Sometimes called ‘Silk Bamboo’ in Thailand where it is often used as an ornamental. About 30 feet tall with 2+ inch diameter canes that are dense, almost solid and seem to be very strong.


Strong, durable and straight canes are construction grade. Overall, one of our favorite plants. Can grow well in dry & windy locations with good irrigation.