Weaver’s Bamboo

textilis-Weavers-BambooBambusa textilis

Always perfect.  No matter how many new and exotic plants we get, Textilis always remains one of our favorites.

Elegant, with a classic form, this bamboo is suited to any of our island environments.  Tolerates heat, wind, cold, sun, rain and never has a bad hair day.

A great privacy screen to around 40 feet, about 10 feet taller if you’re in a very rainy area.  We have clients who keep these trimmed to 12 feet for a nice hedge that protects their ocean view while providing some semblance of privacy from the golf courses and tourists.

Canes split beautifully and are traditionally used for weaving and crafts.

Makes elegant kadomatsu and curtain/towel rods.  In China it is used in furniture making.

Excellent windbreak and a part of the Chinese medicine cabinet.textilis-detail-weaverstextilis-kukio_weavers